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Business Coaching

Private business coaching and consulting by Gina Ludwig, CEO/ Hair Comes the Bride, Inc.

Gina built Hair Comes the Bride from the ground up and turned it into the nation's #1 bridal beauty company providing bridal beauty services to upwards of 500 brides a year across the US and providing hair accessories to brides and bridal salons worldwide.  She now offers personalized business consulting and coaching services for stylists, salons and bridal beauty business owners.  Perhaps you are at a place in your business that you are not sure what the next step is?  Maybe you are just getting started?  Maybe you are not getting the kind of results you would like?    Wherever you are at in your career, Gina is ready and willing to share her knowledge and years of experience with you! 


I Would Recommend Her to Anyone...

"Gina Ludwig knows her stuff. I was so inspired, I followed one small suggestion, (and she had many) and already booked 3 new weddings from taking direction from her.  I have always wanted a mentor that wasn't threatened by competition, and I have to say Gina is more than generous to share what she knows.  I would recommend her to anyone starting out or even already established wanting to expand!"

Sarah E. Hyde ~ sHe Artists 

line-divider-medium-white.jpgI Cannot Give Her Enough Praise...

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Gina!  I was a few years into my business and though I'd soaked up a lot of information about running a business in general online and through business coaching programs, I still struggled with the specifics of running a Bridal Beauty Business, as it was a relatively new concept at the time.  I didn't have anyone else to turn to that had run a successful one, until I came across Gina. 

The support and first hand account that she shared with me on how to set the business up, programs to use, what to look out for, best marketing practices, and how to manage a team, were worth gold to me during that stage.  I continue to reflect on teachings that she shared with me, that have made more sense over time. She is very organized, strong willed, and direct. I cannot give her enough praise for her support, during the time I needed it most!"

Brandi McMillan ~ Soiree Beauty



Stuck and not sure what the right move is?  Is there one "problem" area of your business that if you could solve right now would make everything else easier?  Starting a new project or re-branding?  Gina is available for "as needed" business coaching to help you with any and every aspect of your business from attracting and booking brides, marketing strategies, hiring and managing stylists and more! After purchase, you will be emailed a questionnaire to fill out with general information about your business and what area(s) you want to work on so that during your coaching session, Gina will be ready to start offering solutions from the start and make the most of your session!

1- 50 Minute Session- $125- ADD TO CART    

3- 50 Minute Sessions- $300 (Save $75) - ADD TO CART (Must be completed within a 3 month period.)

5- 50 Minute Sessions- One Payment of $450 (Save $175) - ADD TO CART   OR  Five Payments of $90 Each - ADD TO CART (Must be completed within a 6 month period.)



Are you working your butt off and don't seem to be getting where you want?  You may be making small mistakes that could be costing you a lot!  Let Gina do a complete evaluation of your business and then map out a plan to help you start working smarter (not harder) to realize your dreams for your business and starting making the money and living the life that you truly want and deserve!  This is also a great option for stylists who are just starting out or who are looking to re-brand their business!

After conducting an extensive 60 minute phone interview to learn more about you and where you are in your business Gina will then conduct a thorough evaluation of your brand (including website, Facebook, Blog, etc) and come up with a complete business plan which she will present to you and discuss at another 120 minute phone session.

You may also opt to include 3 months of 3 follow up 60 minute phone sessions as well 6 mini laser 15 minute coaching sessions (to be used within a 3 month period) for when you have questions or issues that come up as you are executing your plan to this program. 

Evaluation & Analysis- One Payment of $1200 - ADD TO CART OR  Five Payments of $240- ADD TO CART

Evaluation & Analysis Program + Support- $1750 - ADD TO CART OR Five Payments of $350- ADD TO CART



Have questions or to set up a free consultation, email Gina at gina@haircomesthebride.com

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