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    Hey Stylists...we know what it takes to run a successful bridal beauty business and we are here to help!

    Visit to explore a unique place where bridal hair stylists, makeup artists and beauty business owners can come together to find the education, tools, resources and support that they need to start, build, run and grow a successful bridal beauty business.



    Want to take your hair and makeup skills to the next level? We are creating a place where you can browse hundreds of bridal hair and makeup tutorials as well as find online, in person and one-on-one training in your area.

    Want to share your skills with the bridal beauty community? Market your classes, workshops and training to stylists across the country. 


    We know you are talented stylist but that's not enough to create a successful, thriving bridal beauty business. 

    We know what it takes and we have brought together the best business resources and education including videos, downloads and personalized consulting and coaching services focused solely on building, running and growing a successful bridal beauty business


    As CEO of Hair Comes the Bride and Hair Comes the Bride PRO, Gina Ludwig has not only been a successful business owner for over 20 years, she has also been helping small business owners start, run and build their dream businesses for over 10 years.

    With the creation of Hair Comes the Bride PRO, Gina is taking everything she has learned over the past 24 years and sharing it with you in a unique and exciting new way! 

    While Gina is a very busy boss lady (and single mom of two kiddos) she will always make time if you need her. Feel free to email Gina at with any questions. 

Let's Get SoCial

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