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Amy Merritt Hair and Makeup

Colorado - All Areas


I specialize in fresh and elegant beauty, effortless style radiating from within. It’s about enhancing what you already have, making you feel beautiful and confident. I'm here to guide you through the process of creating your dream hair and makeup, and to plan a smooth, easy wedding morning that ends with a look that perfectly represents who you are.

Bridal hair and makeup is personal, delicate work. There is no one-look-fits-all. I hope that your hair and makeup play a large part in making your photographs and films timeless keepsakes to cherish and share, so that years ahead, you are able to experience the same rush of emotions you felt on your wedding day.

Whether it's from my home base in Colorado, or destinations worldwide, my team and I will bring our thorough understanding of global skin tones and hair textures to make sure your wedding look is everything you've dreamed of and more - the most true representation of you.

Bridal Hair, Bridal Makeup, On-Location, In Salon, Consultations, Accessories In Stock, Clip In Hair Extensions, Sew In Hair Extensions, Airbrush Makeup, False Lashes, Tattoo Coverage


Bridal Hair, Bridal Makeup, On-Location, In Salon, Consultations, Accessories In Stock, Clip In Hair Extensions, Sew In Hair Extensions, Airbrush Makeup, False Lashes, Tattoo Coverage

Amy Merritt Hair and Makeup


I'm Amy, a bridal and red carpet specialist based in Colorado and I love my job. Like, a lot.

I have always loved hair, but it took me a while to find myself doing anything with it. I was a dancer throughout childhood and went on to dance professionally. At 20 years old, I was 98% positive that I wanted to join the circus (I still haven't ruled out that possibility). A few years and a handful of injuries later, I decided that being the wigs and makeup manager for an opera house was the best way for me to stay in the performance industry (Spoiler Alert: It didn’t really work out that way), so off to cosmetology school I went.

Upon graduation from the Aveda Institute, I continued to develop my skills under celebrity makeup artist, James Ryder, in Los Angeles, California. I left the salon life in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2016 and am now focused on the Habit Extension Method and site-specific work, such as weddings, special events, and editorial or film projects. I've realized that my passion isn't limited to the art of dance, hairstyling, or makeup; but expands beyond outer beauty into the heart and soul of each woman I meet. I love that I still cry at almost every wedding whether I'm a guest or a stylist, and hope for this forever. I am so excited that you stopped by, and I truly hope that our paths cross soon. I would love to hear from you!


Worth all the money in the world! 

When I began planning my wedding, I was just going to have my friend who does hair style my hair and make up for the wedding day. After a few months of deliberation, I decided it would be smarter to go with somebody who does wedding hair and make up professionally.
I reached out to several people in the industry, and I was completely turned off by so many. When I spoke to Amy, though, I knew this girl knew her stuff! She was also so friendly and helpful with any and all of my questions.
She reached out to me several times before the wedding just to check in and make sure everything was still going according to plan.
The day of, her and her team were there bright and early, and they got straight to work! It was so fun and refreshing to spend the morning of my wedding day with this group of girls. Amy is so funny and so down to earth. She put all of my nerves at ease and was so kind when she was helping make the final decisions of my hair and make up.
I decided to forgo the hair/makeup trial as I did not want to drive to Boulder before the wedding. Although I did not do the trial, the way my hair and make up was done was PERFECT. I only showed Amy a photo of what I wanted and she nailed it. I got so many compliments on both my hair and make up, as did my bridesmaids and my mother and the mother of the groom.
All of us girls are still talking about what a great job they did, and how fun it was spending the morning together.
If I ever were to need hair/make up services I would go with Amy a million times over.

 - Ichiko, married 03/09/2019

Gorgeous hair & makeup, and so much fun! Can't recommend Amy enough!

I'm so glad I chose Amy to do my hair and makeup for my wedding!! She did an amazing job, and the additional stylists she brought in to work with the wedding party were complete pros. I was very happy with the end result, as were all of my girls - everyone looked great! I'm very particular about both my hair and my makeup. It's pretty hard for me to cede control to stylists, but my trial run with Amy made me feel completely at ease. I loved her emphasis on high-quality skincare, and I could tell that her makeup products are top notch. She achieved the ideal "my natural look, but better" for both my hair and my makeup (i.e., exactly what I wanted and asked for!). After the trial run, I followed up with some feedback on how the makeup held up on my oily skin, and she made adjustments so that everything on "the day" was perfect and stayed put until the very end. On my wedding day I was relaxed and knew I was in great hands! Throughout the process, Amy was responsive to my emails and super punctual, which I really appreciated (especially in the thick of wedding planning madness). It was also especially important to me to find someone who has experience working with all types of skin tones and hair textures, since I had a diverse wedding party. I loved that Amy knows how to do an amazing job with all types of hair and skin tones, and she made sure that all of her additional stylists were up to the job as well. On top of all of that, Amy is just lovely and so fun to hang out with - we had a great time getting ready!! I can't recommend her enough.

 - Brea, married 07/27/2019

Amy is fantastic!

She genuinely invests in each bride, getting to know them before working with them. The trial run went great! The wedding day was awesome! I felt fantastic and my bridesmaids and both mom of bride and groom looked GORGEOUS!!! My hair and makeup held up from 11AM until 2AM! My hair even made it through a rugged 4WD/off-road photo shoot and some major wind! It still looked loose and elegant even with all that movement!!!!

I enjoyed the whole experience with Amy. She made everything easy and was also so much fun to get to know and be around. She’s just a fantastic gal all around.

Thanks for making my day perfect Amy :)

- Molly, married 06/30/2018

The best hair and makeup!

Amy was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was professional and prompt with all of her communication. She was so cheerful and excited to make my dream wedding look come true. My entire wedding party and family could not have been more blown away with her services. I loved everything about my look, and I have never in my life liked when another person has done my makeup, and I LOVED her work. A few incredible stand out points that blew me away beyond my already high expectations of her that I had from reading other reviews: 1) my mother has a very difficult allergy to deal with. It is a preservative in almost all hair and makeup products. Amy was not phased by this. She immediately said it was no problem, requested further detail of the allergy and continued on to complete incredibly detailed research on my mother’s allergen, compiled a list of products that would work for my mom’s skin and hair type that were allergen free. She sent the list of products to me with the ingredient lists included. She even thought of further tactics to help protect my mom against the airborne allergen in regards to timing of the other appointments in the day and location of the services. Her care and thoughtfulness was incredibly appreciated. It made me and my family feel very cared for with something that is very difficult to deal with. 2) She had no issues driving in the winter to Granby CO. She made arrangements to make sure she was to the venue early and that unpredictable winter weather would not be an issue. (February in the mountains in Colorado) 3) She was very accommodating day of. When the schedule was shifting and bridesmaids were not in their places etc, she rearranged with ease, keeping stress low and a positive attitude. Her cheerfulness and positivity was amazing and her calming attitude was just the vibe needed on my special day. Everyone was so thrilled with their final looks (pictured). With ease she was able to integrate the wishes of all of my bridal party, making each of their looks customized to enhance their beauty, yet keeping the overall look cohesive and natural did up-does and down hairstyles and a blowout for MOB. I could not recommend her highly enough. 4) She was able to work with met to get a hairstyle that would look good with a hat on for my ceremony and then with no fixing would look stunning after the hat was removed for the dinner and reception. Ie a hat hair resistant wedding hairstyle. WHAT?! But she nailed it. Pic of hair during cake cutting after hat and eating, 100s of hugs and dancing for reference of intact curls and lots of volume with ZERO primping after hat removal. Her pricing is incredibly fair for her spectacular work and professionalism. She was an integral part to making my wedding perfect. And my curls looked PERFECT after hours and hours of dancing, sweating, and sleeping on them. Many comments on my stunning and perfect hair during a family brunch the next morning which I would have never imagined possible.

-Lindsay, married 2/22/2020

Amy and her team were AMAZING to work with!!!


From my trial to the day of I felt so taken care of and comfortable with Amy's level of expertise and intuition. She custom makes the foundation so it matches your complexion exactly and looks flawless in person and in pictures. My favorite part about working with Amy is her extension rental program. As a girl with thin short hair I have always had extreme insta-envy when I see all of those full buns and braids, but with Amy's extensions she was able to create the mountain mermaid braid of my dreams! Amy is the best!!!!!


- Isabelle, married 08/25/2018

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