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Try Then Buy


Borrow Bridal Hair Accessories to Try at Home OR at Your Hair Trial

With our Try Then Buy program we take the risk out of shopping online!  It's simple...


Step One: Choose Your Pieces

Browse our website and choose three pieces from our collection that you would like to try at home or at your hair trial.

Step Two: Review Terms and Pay for Shipping

Once you have reviewed the Terms and Conditions below, click on "Add to Cart" and pay a $25 shipping fee (includes domestic shipping both ways). 

Step Three: Confirm Your Information

Once you have completed your order below and paid the $25 shipping fee, you will automatically be taken to a webpage where you can confirm your information including the pieces you are requesting, your wedding date and trial date (if you are requesting pieces for your hair trial).  You can also access that form by CLICKING HERE.

Step Four: Try Your Pieces at Home

Once we receive your order, we will send you your pieces to try on in the convenience of your own home or at your hair trial.  When you are done, simply send back the pieces you don't want.  If you find a piece you like, you can keep the sample and we will charge your card on file or send the sample back to us and purchase a new piece online, it's up to you.  For full details of the program, please review the Terms and Conditions below.  


Terms and Conditions - Please Read Carefully Before Completing Order

Please allow up to two weeks delivery.  Please contact us at orders@haircomesthebride.com if you need rush shipping and we will do what we can to accommodate you.

All hair pieces must be returned in the same manner that they were received.  By agreeing to these terms, you are agreeing to full responsibility for any damages to any hair piece while in your care.  If any of the pieces are returned in worse condition, you will be charged the full retail price for any damaged piece.

If you would like to request your hairpieces for your hair trial, you must be able to provide Hair Comes the Bride with the name and contact information of your stylist including a verifiable business website.  

Pieces must be sent back postmarked no later than 72 hours from the time of delivery (i.e. the time you sign for the pieces) OR postmarked 72 hours from your hair trial (if requesting pieces for hair trial) whichever is longer.  You will be sent a pre-paid shipping label to send the pieces back when you are finished.  If you decide to hold the pieces for longer than the 72-hour period allotted, a $10.00 charge will be made for each extra day the pieces are not returned. If you hold the pieces for 5 days, you will be charged the full retail price of all pieces.

Hair pieces are not to be worn on your wedding day and must be returned postmarked no later than your wedding date.  You will be charged the full retail price of any pieces that are returned postmarked past your wedding date.

If you do not end up choosing any of the headpieces you were sent and you would like to participate again in the Try Then Buy program, you may do so after your first sample order is sent back and received by us.

By clicking "Add to Cart" and completing your order, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to all terms and conditions for the Try Then Buy Program.  As the credit card holder, I authorize Hair Comes the Bride, Inc. to charge my credit card if, for any reason, I violate the terms of this agreement.  I understand these terms and accept complete responsibility for each hair piece that I borrow.

NOTE: Once you complete the checkout process and pay the $25 fee, you will immediately be taken to a form where you can request your pieces.  If you are not taken to the the request page automatically, you can also CLICK HERE to access it after your purchase is made.