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At Hair Comes the Bride, we've been in the business of bridal beauty for over 25 years, connecting thousands of brides with the finest hair and makeup artists across the nation. Our esteemed platform is more than just a directory – it's a gateway to building a successful and thriving bridal beauty business!

  • Increased Online Presence: With over 500 organic "bridal beauty" keywords ranking on Google, your presence on our platform means unparalleled exposure to a vast audience actively seeking your expertise.

  • Exclusive Membership Benefits:

    • Directory Listing: As a member, you'll be featured in our comprehensive stylist directory, making it easy for brides to discover and connect with you.

    • Social Media Exposure: Leverage our strong social media presence, including our Instagram with over 30,000 followers. 

    • Blog & Inspiration Galleries: Your artistry will be featured in our popular blog and inspiration galleries, providing further exposure.

  • Resource-Rich Community: Membership grants you access to a wealth of resources and support aimed at nurturing your business. From marketing tools to business insights, we equip you to excel and grow in the bridal beauty sector.

For over 25 years, Hair Comes the Bride has been synonymous with bridal beauty and excellence. Our enduring commitment is to elevate and support the incredible talent of our stylists. By offering the right tools and a robust platform, we ensure that our members don't just participate but truly flourish in the bridal beauty industry.

"If you want to have your bridal business grow exponentially, I highly suggest becoming a Partner member!"


Lavonne Anthony, LB Bridal

"Once I decided to expand my bridal business beyond myself and start creating a team, I knew I had to have more of what Gina has to offer.  Being able to tell my brides that they can try accessories before they buy them is another layer I can add to my luxury service niche. Being a Partner member puts my name in front of brides and the look book she provides and the digital assets are amazing!  Working with Hair comes the Bride has done nothing but elevate my brand and make me feel so confident with my marketing through her education and library of exceptional resources and videos.  If you want to have your bridal business grow exponentially, I highly suggest becoming a Partner member!"



Beach Hair 2


Hair Comes the Bride, with its 25-year legacy in the bridal beauty industry, is now extending a unique opportunity for designers to showcase their exquisite creations to our discerning audience. Inclusion is through application or invitation only!

  • Targeted Exposure: Leverage our formidable online presence, with over 500 "bridal beauty" keywords ranking organically on Google, your designs will be at the forefront of those who value and seek exceptional quality.

  • Curated Social Media Campaigns: Gain exposure through our influential social media platforms, including Instagram with over 30,000 followers, and our growing Pinterest presence. Your designs will not just be displayed but celebrated.

  • Featured on Our Blog and Google Shopping: Be a part of our engaging blog content and enjoy the benefits of being included in Google Shopping, amplifying your reach to a global audience.

  • A Hand-Curated, Quality-Driven Marketplace: Unlike the oversaturated and varied quality offerings on platforms like Etsy, Hair Comes the Bride’s marketplace is meticulously curated, ensuring that only the finest designers are represented, thereby maintaining the integrity and exclusivity of our site.

\By becoming a part of our elite network, you're not just selling a product; you're becoming a part of a carefully chosen collection that stands for quality, beauty, and distinction. Get ready to elevate your brand and connect with those who appreciate the true artistry of bridal accessories.

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