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Don't Hire a Wedding Day Makeup Artist Without Asking These 6 Questions

There has been a boom in the bridal beauty industry in the last few years which makes choosing the right makeup artist that much more difficult.

Knowing the right questions to ask can make the difference between loving your wedding day look and being left, feeling underwhelmed or disappointed.

Below are our top 6 questions you should ask before hiring your wedding day makeup artist.

#1 What type of makeup do you use?

As a makeup artist for over 20 years, I can tell you that there is not one makeup line that is everything to everyone.

A good makeup artist is going to have done their research to create the perfect wedding day makeup kit that contains an array of different products and brands.

I am not a makeup snob but I have found over my many years in business that for your core makeup products such as foundation and setting powder, higher-end products consistently deliver better results.

The color formulations are better and they are longer lasting. This isn't to say that there aren't some good drugstore products out there but your wedding day is not the time to take that chance.

Make sure that your makeup artist has a selection of proven, high-end products.

#2 What style of makeup do you specialize in?

If your makeup artist can't give you a definitive answer, I would be very cautious.

Makeup styles can vary considerably. From a natural, minimalist look to a contoured Kim K look and everything in between.

Of course, a good makeup artist is going to be able to do most styles of makeup but what type of style do they do best and, is this your particular style?

#3 Do you offer lashes, tattoo cover, airbrush, etc.?

Don't assume that every makeup artist is going to offer every service. If it is something that is important to you, ask!

Not sure if you should wear lashes or opt for airbrush makeup? Ask your stylist to explain your options and advise you on what they think would work best and why.

Still not sure? Try it out during your makeup trial so you can go into the wedding day confident you made the right choice.

#4 What specific products and techniques do you use to make sure the makeup is long-lasting?

More than any other day in your life, your wedding day makeup has to last the test of time.

What specific products and techniques is your artist going to use to ensure that your makeup lasts through all of the crying, dancing, sweating, and kissing?

Can she achieve this goal without caking your face with a ton of makeup? How?

Make sure you feel comfortable and confident in her answer.

#5 What happens if I'm not happy with my makeup trial?

Any good business owner has solid policies in place and this includes what they do if a bride is not happy with her makeup trial.

Will your artist do a second application at the trial?

Will they do a second trial for free or at a discounted rate?

Do they make you feel as though they are someone who is going to be professional and not get their feelings hurt if you aren't happy? Do you worry that they will try to convince you why you should like it or why you are wrong for not liking it?

A true professional is going to make it clear from the very beginning that they are committed to doing whatever it takes to make you are happy and that they are professional enough to know that it's not a personal attack on them if you aren't.

If you don't get this impression from speaking with your potential artist, keep looking.

#6 What do you need to know from me?

It's just as important that your stylist asks the right questions of you as it is that you ask the right questions of them.

Doing a thorough consultation before a makeup brush ever touches your face is crucial.

A good makeup artist is going to want to know how much makeup you typically wear daily and when you go out.

They are going to want to know if you have any absolute dos or don'ts when it comes to your makeup.

How much makeup are you comfortable wearing?

Do you have any specific concerns regarding your wedding day makeup?

Have you had your makeup professionally done before? If so what did you like or not like about it.

Along with all of the questions specific to your makeup, they are also going to want to know the specific details regarding your wedding day such as your dress style, hairstyle, color scheme, and wedding location.

Remember brides, this is your wedding day. Don't ever be afraid or intimidated to ask the right questions.

The right artist is going to welcome your questions and be ready and willing to answer them with confidence!



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